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Michael Kors Bedford Ostrich tote

12 Dec

Michael Kors Bedford Ostrich tote

*Daydreams about having this bag*
THIS.BAG.NEEDS.TO.BE.ON.MY.ARM! When I saw it in Selfridges I didn’t want to put it down! It’s just so beautiful and looks 100x better in real life. You’d think it costs an arm and a leg!


These boots (wedges) aren’t made for walking!

19 Mar

Today has been such a fabulous/fun/tiring day! Took my little brother around Selfridges then to Hyde park. Then went back to Selfridges and  walked around for a bit. Looking at all the S/S bags and shoes almost had me screaming! Then I met up with two of my best friends. We went to Soho and as you all know Soho is the sauciest place on earth! The main reason we love it! We couldn’t stop laughing! Then we were just wandering around Chinatown/Leicester square and Regent street. All of this in really high wedges!!! My feet are thumping! The things we do for fashion eh?!

Central baby!

18 Mar

I’m so excited about tomorrow! I’m taking my little brother to the Stella McCartney kids event in Selfridges AKA my second home! Then I’m taking him to Hyde park where they do the best chocolate muffins.FACT! I won’t be having one as I’ve given up chocolate for lent. Another reason why I’m excited is the fact that I’ll be wearing my new wedges for the first time & wearing my aviators for the first time this year! *does excited dance* I’ll have a lot of pictures to blog about I’m sure!

My purchases this week

28 Jan





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