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Chanel handbag Ad Campaign: Blake Lively

9 Mar

Blake Lively makes her Chanel debut in this S/S 11 handbag campaign.

Louboutin for Blake Lively

16 Feb

How lucky is Blake Lively?! First she is chosen to be the new face of Chanel now Mr.Louboutin himself has made a pair named after her! The shoe will be called ‘The Blake’ and will be priced at £635

Blake Lively.The new face of Chanel

7 Jan

Blake Lively has been announced as the new face of Chanel.I really think she deserves it.I’ve never seen her in a bad outfit.Her fashion choices are always on the money and she has now scored the ultimate fashionistas job ! From Gossip girl to the face of Chanel is a HUGE  achievement.She’s truly made her mark in the fashion world * applauses*

‘A dream come true is an understatement’

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