Johnny Cupcakes!

20 Mar

Whilst on Carnaby street last night the ‘Johnny
cupcakes store’ caught out eye. At first we thought it was an
actual cupcake store, then weirdly a meat shop! then I realised it
was a clothing store! The Johnny cupcake store! Unfortunately it
was closing just as we were walking in. But the hottest/ most
fashionable guy( I actually told him I loved his
outfit) gave us a fun leaflet and some mints as we were ” so
sweet”! His hair was so long and he was rocking Harry potter style
glasses( how many people can carry that look off?) The store is
literally brand new, it opened on the 12th March. I absolutely love
the whole concept based around the sugary treat . ‘0
carbs, 0 Sugars & 0 fat’! The fact that the
stores are set out to fool people into believing it’s an
actual cupcake store is so smart and funny! I love the gift
boxes as well! We are going back asap! The brand has
stretched from t-shirts to pencils! The brand have some very
die-hard fans who have en gone to the extreme length of
getting a Johnny cupcake tattoo! The t-shirts are a favourite
amongst celebs as well. Especailly the ‘Make cupcakes not war’


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