When fashion & film come together

2 Feb

The movie black swan has been such a big hit around the world and especially with the fashion world.I hold my hands up, I haven’t seen it yet but here is what I know about it :

It’s about a virgin called Nina who is a ballerina and she is portrayed as an innocent , angelic person. She is trapped in the body of a swan and she desperately wants freedom.The only way to gain this freedom is to fall in love.Her wish is almost granted until her lustful twin,’The black swan’ seduces the prince.Nina who is ‘The white swan’ cannot cope with this so jumps off a cliff and finally finds freedom in death.

Sounds pretty good to me.

From this movie ballet skirts have had a sudden increase in sales and many brands have added ballet skirts to their range.

I suddenly have the urge to take up ballet !

Black Swan


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